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Decline of Yew revisited

Subject: Decline of Yew revisited
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Jul 13 2018 11:32:38
A couple of weeks ago I was at a site and the head gardener said he had observed a correlation between infestations of yew trees by the artichoke gall midge (Taxomyia taxi) and a decline in foliar condition. Trees affected would show reduced growth in subsequent years and generally look a bit poorly, followed by a recovery after the infestation subsides. Presumably the galling of the terminal buds causes a cessation in shoot growth that season (or for two seasons, as I understand the development of the midge frequently takes two years).

I've just looked at an old (veteran) yew which is looking pretty sorry for itself /and/ has a serious gall midge infestation.

Has anyone else observed a link between the galling of yew buds and a subsequent decline in tree condition?

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