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'Arb' Guidance for Planners

Subject: 'Arb' Guidance for Planners
From: Paul Smith
Date: Jul 17 2018 06:22:27
Dear ‘learn-ED’ collective, I trust you are well…and un-melted, just!

Sorry to trouble you here, and I do so in the hope someone either may be able 
to avoid us re-inventing a wheel, ideally, or have one we can just insert a 
few new spokes into 😊. We have received the following from a LA Planner.

The Government’s guidance on Tree Preservation Orders and trees in 
conservation areas, and accompanying flowcharts, are great but we need all 
planning officers to have a better understanding of how we should be using it 
on a practical basis i.e.

  *   Acceptable levels of tree reduction works (E.g. 30% reduction etc.)
  *   Guidance on the different types of tree works (crown reduction, crown 
lift, thinning, pollarding etc.)
  *   How to interpret structural reports - do we automatically agree with 
the recommendation?
  *   What to look for in terms of protecting a tree, other than amenity 
  *   Impact of nesting season on tree works.
  *   Guidance on dead, dying or dangerous exemption
  *   What are the qualifications/assurances we should look for when judging 
the recommendation of a tree surgeon? Is there a register?
  *   Guidance on judging tree aspects of soft landscaping schemes – we often 
require the submission of a soft landscaping scheme via condition

Thanks in anticipation,

Paul Smith
Technical Officer & Accreditation Schemes Manager
Arboricultural Association

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