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Subject: woodland Tpo
Date: Aug 06 2018 06:57:32

      Would like some advice regarding hazel coppice within a woodland
covered by a Woodland TPO,

Hillier's describes Corylus avellana as a large shrub/ many stemmed tree, in
most woodlands it could be construed as a multi-stemmed  shrub.

I have a site where we need to remove/prune some stems on the woodland edge
to gain access to a plot to enable drainage works covered by planning
permission. The site access route is not marked on the approved drawings
although a visible gap exists.

My question is would the hazel stool be counted as a tree and would the
pruning count as facilitative works?, the LPA in question says that unless
the route is marked clearly on the drawing as site access then it won't
count. I cant risk problems on this particular site for various reasons so
would like opinions.



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