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Re: Loss of soil strength in dry weather

Subject: Re: Loss of soil strength in dry weather
From: Jonathan at Astill Treecare
Date: Aug 10 2018 07:00:58
I have been monitoring lean on select trees using galvanised screws and a 
digital spirit level for a few years now. Small digital levels (about the 
same length as a phone)with an accuracy to 0.05 degrees can be purchased for 
around £30. I initially used an app for my phone but found the 1.0 degree 
insufficiently accurate compounded with the buttons and round edges on a 
phone which can easily distort the readings. It is important to note that any 
tampering with the screws will affect the results so it should really only be 
used for clients / tree owners who you trust will have the tree’s / sites 
best interests in mind. I have also encouraged some of my clients to purchase 
a level so they can carry out periodic or post gale monitoring themselves. 
I’ve produced a guidance note for my clients including what a 0.1 / 0.5 / 1.0 
degree increase / decrease in incline equates to on a 10/15/20 metre high 
tree. Will share a copy when I’m back off my hols. 


Jonathan Astill  Dip.Arb.(RFS) M.Arbor.A
Astill Treecare Ltd.
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Somerset BA9 9AW

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