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RE: Tree hazard potential assessment study RISK AVERSITY?

Subject: RE: Tree hazard potential assessment study RISK AVERSITY?
From: David Evans
Date: Sep 13 2018 07:50:47
<<I do understand what you and others are saying about the definition of risk 
and what is established tradition.>>

Hi Wayne

Sorry, the evidence in your posts demonstrates that you're clearly struggling 
to understand some basic risk concepts.  That we're supposed to be assessing 
and managing tree risk, rather than being tongue-tied by the bafflegab of 
tree hazard, is not 'established tradition'.  It's been a hard fought change 
in world view, which has only started to be widely accepted this century, and 
in North America this decade.  It's still being fought.

What you're doing here is the equivalent of trying to put the earth back at 
the centre of the universe.  Each time you post conflating 'hazard potential 
assessment', whatever that is, with risk.  Or confusing 'high-risk locations' 
with high likelihood of occupation.  And 'of how to prevent damage, misery, 
and death', when we're not trying to 'prevent' it but manage it to an 
acceptable or tolerable level. You're effectively asking us to discuss how 
close the sun's orbit is to the earth.


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