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Malus tschonoskii.

Subject: Malus tschonoskii.
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Sep 14 2018 19:03:13
What ho!
This might be one for Rupert. One of the crew is currently trying to
identify something he found on a site today, his photos are a bit rubbish,
but I think it might be Pillar Crap. However I thought most of the ones we
planted in the 80s had  succumbed to the Venturia-scab (whatever it was). I
also thought I'd read that nurseries weren't producing it any more because
the disease was so rife.

It's not in Barcham's catalogue but Google finds plenty of people selling
it, or claiming to at least. Anybody know if new sources of planting
material have been found? And thus if the latest offerings are

The one in question is in something of an isolated spot, surrounded by tall
buildings so it might be that conditions were never ideal for foliar fungal
disease development.

Thanks as ever,

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