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Nature notes OT.

Subject: Nature notes OT.
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Sep 14 2018 19:15:24
In common with other sympathetic but not exactly devoted ornithologists,
we've got an outbuilding from which we have to remove a door every
spring/summer, so that the returning Swallows can get back to their usual
nest site. Somewhat to my surprise the little blighters are still roosting
in there as there's a bunch of hatchlings not yet fully fledged.

We've been half-expecting the parents to head south and abandon the
youngsters though so far they haven't. But it seems when and if they do
fly, the first thing they're going to have to do is clear off to flipping

The RSPB claims that they migrate in September-October, although I'm fairly
sure most of the ones that nest elsewhere hereabouts have cleared off

Anyway just thought I'd share that with you all.


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