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water demand of trees

Subject: water demand of trees
Date: Oct 08 2018 17:08:51
Hi all,

            Have had a look in the NHBC table for water demand, wonder if
anyone has an idea of the demand for Liquidambar and Gingko as I am involved
with a new development and we are required to plant a replacement tree
adjacent to a new building, this will involve a specifically designed tree
pit, which will be close -3m to building and they are looking at an 8m semi
mature tree replacing a 20m sycamore dia approx. 500mm. The proposed tree
will be in a courtyard with permeable surfacing of and therefore a
structural tree soil and irrigation etc, I did look around for other species
but the only available suitable decent sized containerised tree I found was
a Gingko, couldn't find Liquidambar of that size at present, my other option
was Liriodendron and they are low water demand.



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