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RE: Saving trees

Subject: RE: Saving trees
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Oct 11 2018 10:18:54
"Putting woodland aside, if the trees are not protected by a CA or TPO then
there is no offence ... they may remove the trees"


I am afraid that is not the case; it seems arbs have got a very blinkered
view on tree felling.


A little while ago I interviewed an arb who said something similar & then
had to rectify himself after a little prompting...but he had no experience
of applying for a felling licence; I then came across a planning lawyer who
claimed no knowledge of felling licences & said something similar. As a
result I encouraged those in the know to write an article which was
published in the Chartered Forester reminding people about felling
licences..attached if it is not too large a file.


The simple message we should get out to everybody is that the law of the
land is that ALL tree felling requires a felling licence but there are
exceptions..small quantities, gardens etc


The practicalities of the matter mean that the FC may not be interested in
small scale felling above the quarterly limit is a different matter.
Suggesting trees can be cut down willy nilly because there are no TPOs or
CAs encourages pre-emptive felling.


Strangely, the Forestry Act & felling licence regime does not apply to the
central London boroughs.but it does to the outer London boroughs. Slightly
bizarre and not well advertised!




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