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Validation of a section 211 notice

Subject: Validation of a section 211 notice
From: Jasper Fulford-Dobson
Date: Oct 23 2018 15:09:20

Can anyone clarify whether an LPA can refuse to validate a section 211 notice?

As I understand it, in principle, anyone could write their proposal for tree 
work on the back of a fag packet, hand it in to the LPA, get proof of serving 
the notice, and then wait for the 6 weeks to run out. If the LPA have any 
queries, the notifier (for they are not officially "applicants" as this is 
not an "application") is not under any obligation to respond, and if it is 
not expedient to serve a TPO then the Council have no option other than to 
raise no objections (or do nothing). Surely as it is purely just a notice, 
the "validation" process they use for applications under the TPO regs is 

Thoughts or clarity from the forum gratefully received.


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