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From: "John Cooban"
Date: Oct 26 2018 11:20:45

One for TOs and consultants, perhaps:

A southern counties development is underway in which a TPP satisfying the 
relevant planning condition was prepared by an M.Arbor.A  - with whom I have 
no connection except to have discovered that they have not subsequently been 
instructed as project arboriculturist for the construction phase.

A member of the public, (who I know quite well) became concerned about a 
prominent tree at the front of the development site. The ground protection 
shown on the TPP and that ought to have been in place (BS5837 had 
never been installed. A significant proportion of the RPA shown on the TPP 
for ground protection was being excavated, so he asked the LPA to investigate.

The feedback from the LPA is that its TO (Planning) has determined that the 
damage is insufficient for the project arboriculturist to be consulted. BS 
para 7.2.3 is also mentioned in attempted justification, without 
acknowledgement that roots significantly in excess of 25 mm appear to have 
been severed without prior reference to an arboriculturist of any sort.

Any advice, please?

The planning applicant and developer, by the way, is the Local Authority.

John Cooban

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