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RE: Cavanagh appeal judgement

Subject: RE: Cavanagh appeal judgement
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Oct 28 2018 12:34:37
You can't age a fungal bracket.  Those pore tube layers are growth spurts, 

not annual rings.  Some of the Ganodermas I've been following have put on 

their third growth spurt this year.  On the same tree, other Ganoderma 

fruiting bodies haven't grown at all.



My experience of G resinaceum matches the above..and would note that the
south side of a stem in the sun might be working at a different rate from
the north side in the shade & cool....but having sporulating bodies on
several sides does suggest the tree might be struggling! However, 12 or so
years on it's still there.


However, you don't need to look very far before you find an entry in Field
Mycology stating "G. applanatum and G. australe (= G. adspersum) produce
perennial brackets developing a new pore layer each year."  Mattock (2001)


We might want to be careful about developing generalisations from
observations on one species?




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