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Veteran Turkey Oak?

Subject: Veteran Turkey Oak?
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Nov 09 2018 10:38:32
Morning one and all,
a quick philosophical query: Notwithstanding the fact that Mitchell claims
it was only introduced in 1735, and disregarding the fact that the Knopper
Gall is a bit of a problem, does the hive-mind consider it reasonable to
regard an elderly Turkey Oak is a veteran tree? This one's full of dead
wood, got Meripilus, and probably other fungi, and numerous nooks and
crannies for beasties. So it's not without interest, although clearly it
shouldn't be regarded with the same awe with which we might regard a
veteran Oak or Yew.

But anyone got any thoughts? Feel free to expound; this tree is held in
high esteem so isn't going to suffer any further indignity beyond the fire
damage it's already suffered. It's more I suddenly realised I'd treated  Q
cerris with some disdain and perhaps I ought to be a bit more balanced.


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