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Re: Mattheck's punch test

Subject: Re: Mattheck's punch test
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Dec 03 2018 09:29:02
There are any number of Ebay sites offering lengths of 16mm x 2mm stainless steel tubing. A short length, edges sharpened at one end on a grindstone, plus a wooden mallet should be effective.
You might need a length of 12mm dowel to get the sample out.
Whether the value of the information gleaned is worth the damage caused is another question.

On 30/11/2018 07:35, Elton Watson wrote:
Morning all,
This looks pretty straightforward in a textbook but I am  wondering how 
effective it is in practice, anyone out there tried it, if so is it effective 
and any recommendations for a decent 16mm punch?

Thanks - Elton

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