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Re: Subsidence

Subject: Re: Subsidence
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Dec 05 2018 11:44:33
I'd like to think that's true Ron - I've seen too many cases where trivial, non-structural cracks have resulted in months or years of to-ing, fro-ing and stress to house owners, during which time the property is effectively blighted. And then when the matter is (or is not) resolved, the value of the house has probably dropped by several (tens of?) thousands of pounds simply because the word 'subsidence' has, rightly or wrongly, been attached to it.
Still, It's all cash for the claims management companies...

I advise clients to report cracks to the insurance company only as a last resort

On 05/12/2018 10:28, Howe, Ron wrote:
I've seen recent movement from Aviva to the effect that they are taking many 
claims less seriously than in the past. On the basis most buildings move and 
crack they are asking people to be less fussy and to get on with life and 
repair the damage because, the building isn't falling down or hasn't lost its 
water tightness. We have, over the years lost our tolerance to buildings 
moving and cracking when, in older days, we would just accept it and get on 
with life after superficial repair ... the pedantic and snowflake generations!

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I note that the news is that this autumn has been the worst for subs in for 
The BBC website has a new article about it with a Getty stock photograph of a 
cracked brick wall.
The complier obviously looked for a photo of a wall with a crack in it - I am 
not a structural engineer but that ain't subsidence!

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