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Re: Subsidence

Subject: Re: Subsidence
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Dec 05 2018 12:06:13
"I am just about to specify an automated watering system as an alternative
to tree removal where just one small brick built porch is slightly affected.
It will be the 

first such system that I have designed so this one might be interesting."



Sounds like you are trying to re-invent the wheel...this is an approach that
has been tried on several occasions by building professionals..watering the


It's not really a solution in any general sense:


i)                    What's caused the dryness in the first place? A tree?
If you leave it there the water you put on will disappear next summer.

ii)                   How much water do you put on? Too much and you will
make matters a lot worse. Remember wet clay has no bearing capacity.

iii)                 Where do you put the water? Precisely. Do you just
leave a hose running? A damaged porch with no other damage may be simple in
this respect...but:

iv)                 Once the top layer of the soil is wet, it will swell and
not let the water go any deeper. If the roots causing the problem are 1.5-2
metres down all you will get is run-off getting nowhere near the dry soil.

v)                   If you have mechanisms for getting the water deeper in
the soil profile you still have to work out what depth and the volumes do you do that?


And if you want to talk to someone who has tried it contact Chris Kawecki  but please don't use this as my
endorsement of the method. I don't know anyone of any organisation
attempting this routinely.




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