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Warner Street Rosewood Avenue Valuation...

Subject: Warner Street Rosewood Avenue Valuation...
From: Cassian Humphreys
Date: Dec 06 2018 02:52:44
Warner Street Rosewood Avenue Valuation...

Following the drafting of my community report 7/11 to the community
concerned with the removal of a beautiful (& very productive) avenue of
Rosewood trees in Port Douglas, Northern Queensland Australia.

David Lloyd-Jones responded by sharing my community report in the UKTC
group (20/11) and inviting me to join (hence this post). My initial plan
was to conduct a monetary evaluation on the Rosewood Warner avenue, though
I have been aware of such evaluations my whole career, I have never been
involved in doing one. Following David’s thought provoking response (which
I am to share with the Australian communities I am involved with) I felt
the need to share it back to the UKTC community for feedback first.

With this project I am seeing a great opportunity for professional
arboricultural input globally. What started with responses from the FB
Australian Arborists Network has snowballed to the UKTC via David's
response titled " Tree Valuation & Conservation Value" drafted 22/11.

Thanks to the draw that comes from life - for the desire that comes from
the innate (is it nature or mind or both?) David and I have been hooked by
an avenue very worthy of retention and care - yet under threat by a small
number (of business owners seeking influence with Council) in a larger
community that love the trees yet lack leadership. The avenue without a
voice or a champion have found us - realising the opportunity for more
professional arborists to be involved this is my 7/11 community report.

With a similar distribution/tendency to island hop as Coconut - the Pan
Tropical Rosewood tree (Pterocarpus indicus) also a native to Northern
Australia is threatened (ref: Red List) and extinct in a number of its
original host countries.

Before I post this in the Save the Rosewood's action group (& share to the
greater Port Douglas community as part of the movement to conserve) I am
keen to explore feedback on David’s report via the UK Tree Care Mailing
List (UKTC) as well as gain further named support (named support adds
collective credibility) to explore the Values that avenues such as this
give humanity.

As well as seek support defining Tree Values, I am seeking support to
quantify those values. As David covers in his report stating a metric that
quantifies the innate value of trees is all but impossible, but then
considering the genius of humanity is it? I can see no better place than to
start with the collective minds of the UKTC. Thanks Chris Hastie I include
this timely share.

To further this cause we are seeking out all the values that are on the
record for Tree Valuation.

This can cover the UK initiatives -


   Tree Valuations UK - HAMT, CAVT, CTLA. Consideration for & discussion on
   David’s proposed Conservation Value.

Aussie initiatives (I will approach the AAN) -


   The Aussie Valuations - Burnley Method, MTVM & the historic development
   for a proposed Australian Standard for Tree Valuation -

& the US -


   iTree - the iTree software suite developed by the United States Forest
   Service. Quantifies tree benefits, carbon sequestration, pollution
   absorbed, stormwater interception and also money saved on utilities.

There are 66 Rosewood Street trees with the smallest (bonsaied by man made
desertification) trunk diameter - 47cm and largest measuring - 117cm
(growing in a garden bed). The medium sized trees ranging from (65-78 cm),
based on the numbers measured and the computation of a rough average
(Large, Medium and Small) I came up with a diameter of 76.5 as being a fair
average guide for trunk diameter.

Those who are willing to provide input please advise via the email thread
to follow this email post.

I will be doing an iTree valuation as well as conducting a poll amongst the
Warner street community to gauge a community value.

Best regards Cassian Humphreys...

Cassian Rupert Humphreys
Tree Doctor
Consulting Conservation Arboriculturists & Project Managers
Reef Resort 62-64 Davidson Street Port Douglas QLD 4877
NCH Arb UK, Dip Arb (AQF L5) AUS, QTRA-1372
Mobile - 0410169974

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