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Ganoderma sp on Zelkova carpinifolia

Subject: Ganoderma sp on Zelkova carpinifolia
From: Rupert Baker
Date: Dec 06 2018 11:46:24
Dear collective,

It's a bit of a bow at a venture, but does anyone have any experience of the
decay caused by Ganoderma on Zelkova carpinifolia - the Caucasian elm? This
tree has developed some basal decay since last inspected in 2015; it has a
number of other interesting issues with partial killing of the bark on the
upright second-order stems a good many years ago, probably an effect of DED;
and is a fab specimen (32m x 204 cm, planted around 1841) of an uncommon and
unusual looking tree, which we have a number of in Devon.  Any ideas on the
likely effects would be welcomed; currently I'm content to keep a watching
brief on it.

All the best



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