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Claiming back planning appeal costs

Subject: Claiming back planning appeal costs
Date: Dec 18 2018 07:36:54
Hi All,
Can someone enlighten me on the process behind claiming planning appeal 
costs? To put this in context:
A planning application has been submitted to construct a new garage in a rear 
garden containing a mature, protected Oak.
There is a small, tolerable incursion into the Oak's RPA.
A report has been provided to justify the incursion and provide tree 
protection details.
The LPAs tree officer disagrees with the report findings and plans to refuse.
The client believes the LPAs tree officer is being pedantic, my view is that 
they are just paying attention to very fine detail (that most other LPAs 
The client wants me to provide further information to support their 
application and appeal, and wonders if the cost for this can be claimed back 
from the LPA (if appeal allowed)?
Cheers  Trevor

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