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Ben's Red Oak

Subject: Ben's Red Oak
Date: Dec 18 2018 10:15:07
Hi David, yes tree and I still here. It continues to amaze, been observing it 
for 15 years and the major limbs continue there migration around the stem.    
story I moved to this property about 15 years ago, on a small rise there was 
a Red Oak and an Ash tree. Bothe about 45-50 foot tall and growing perhaps 
fifiteen feet apart at the base. I had a concern that the Ash showing sign of 
decay could fall in the wind onto the car parking. So I felled it for fire 
wood. The two trees had grown so close together that the Oak left behind 
realy did have a very clearly defined half canopy. All the weight to one side 
and considerable. I decided to leave it for observation and remove non of it. 
I would have expected that some of the branch wood to have in time extended 
into the opening left buy the Ash. what I did not expect was that the major 
limbs those that come directly for the stem and perhaps 18 inches in diamiter 
to actualy move at the point of attachment around the tree into the opening. 
To be clear, they did not bend they have moved like the hands on a clock. 

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