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RE: Drop kerbs

Subject: RE: Drop kerbs
From: Rupert Baker
Date: Dec 24 2018 22:46:12
Its almost Christmas; or feast of sun-return if you prefer...
Worry about drop kerbs later.........
Say in early January...after all, all the planners will be off over the 
Christmas- new year period,  I imagine
Anyway, have a good holiday!

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Subject: Drop kerbs

I've a site with a proposed residential dwelling, unfortunately, the 
architect also proposes a couple of drop kerbs in the public footpath outside 
leading into the access driveway. The kerb would be sited within the RPA of 
two nice mature lime trees which sit in the footpath. Drop kerbs have been 
installed in the same area, some ten years ago and very close to similar 
trees along the road and he's hoping this will help the application. I've 
dealt with drop kerbs before and viewed them with a cautious eye, 
consequently, I told those architects it would be difficult to convince 
planners that it could be done sympathetically. Has anyone experience, or 
produced a method statement for this...?


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