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RE: Drop kerbs

Subject: RE: Drop kerbs
From: David Evans
Date: Dec 28 2018 11:45:30
Hi Paul

I've done quite a few of these in the past.  The way I approached it was to 
write a method statement for a hand excavation at the kerb edge to the depth 
of the proposed crossover design; to see what's there and whether it's 
feasible.  It's useful to talk to the contractor beforehand.  One I used in 
Bristol was an artist.  He was that careful with his excavations they 
resembled archaeological digs.

If you're outside of the structural root zone, and sometimes (surprisingly) 
even when you're within it, there's often not enough significant roots that 
need cutting to be of concern.  And all you're doing within the RPA is 
replacing one hard standing surface with another, at a slighter lower level, 
and with little change to the sub-base.

If they're amenable to it, invite your Tree Officer to come along and have a 
look at the same time.  If not, paint any roots that may need cutting, 
measure them and put something next to them for scale, then take photos.  
Take photos of the tree canopy as well, and in particular any pruning.  
Contrasting what are often one or two roots greater than 25mm in diameter 
that might need cutting to accommodate a crossover with what a Council thinks 
nothing of pruning out of canopy may help make your case.


Acer ventura

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