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Re: the penny dropped.....

Subject: Re: the penny dropped.....
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jan 04 2019 17:54:52
I don't think the initiation process for roots is too difficult to explain,
whether they originate from axillary buds or from the inner cambium - it's
all about biochemistry and hormonal balance; those with experience of
vegetative propagation will be well versed in this. I have to admit that in
a former life I spent over two years in a laboratory, desperately trying to
escape from boredom, putting on weight faster than a couch potato due to the
lack of exercise but I did get a lot of experience of encouraging root
growth from stems (and shoots from roots) to identify the best balance of
sugar, cytokinin and auxin along with any expensive chemical I could get my
hands on. ...oh yes and do it right you can get flowers to develop too.


On the whole it's a lot easier to initiate rooting structures than it is
shoots. Flowers...well that is largely by chance (in my case).




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