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Root bridging

Subject: Root bridging
From: Ben Rose
Date: Jan 17 2019 13:56:42
Hi All,

Yesterday I was given a seminar by Green Grid Systems. They have developed 
the Root Bridge System that is essentially a strong metal lattice supported 
by screw piles in order to create a suspended pavement. The product is new to 
me and so I thought that I'd post a link here. 

The metal sheets are 95mm thick and so level changes are not as great as most 
cellular confinement systems. The metal lattice can function as the final 
surface or as a rigid base for block paving or porous asphalt. One particular 
feature that I like is that angled steel can be bolted onto the sides to 
create an edge to retain the surface course (a feature that cellular 
confinement systems don't have).

They have two designs, one for footpaths/car parks and another for access 
roads. The screw piles for the heavy duty version are very big indeed and so 
the resulting surface is able to support heavy loads (e.g. loaded delivery 
trucks). Its not a cheap solution but I'm pretty sure that it would work - 
particularly if tree roots need to be bridged in order to access a site.


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