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RE: Failure rates of Urban Tree Planting

Subject: RE: Failure rates of Urban Tree Planting
From: Howe, Ron
Date: Jan 29 2019 13:36:05
Hi Chris,

I did some work on this years ago and 'estimated' that if you could achieve a 
50% survival rate for newly planted trees in public areas that you would be 
doing very well. The failure rate was around 75% when we took account of:
* vandalism,
* poor specimen trees, (even the best nursery can't guarantee perfect trees)
* inadequate soil conditions, (you can't always control the planting area)
* flooding, (wet ground is not always obvious)
* lack of watering , (in a dry summer it can be difficult to get them all and 
water can become short supply)
* soil compaction, (you can't control everything)
* hard ground pans on developments and highways, (difficult on highways and 
brown soil sites)
* vehicle damage, (sometimes unavoidable)
* revised highway schemes, (sometimes unexpected)
* gas leaks, (unexpected)
* salt damage, (difficult to control)
* frost damage (can happen anywhere unexpectedly)
* disgruntled residents (uncontrollable)
* pests and disease, (it can happen) and,
anything else you can think of

Ron Howe
Tree Officer (Planning)
Mole Valley District Council
Tel. 01306 XXX XXX

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Subject: Failure rates of Urban Tree Planting

Apart from the Gilbertson and Bradshaw, and Johnston/Rushton research cited 
in the Arb journal and Trees in Towns II does anyone have any details of 
other research on failure/success rates of tree planting in urban areas


Chris Hudson
Principal Forestry and Arboricultural Officer Environmental Planning 
Development Management Cheshire East Council

Tel (01625) XXXXXX


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