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Chalara dieback of ash

Subject: Chalara dieback of ash
From: Bill Kowalczyk
Date: Jan 30 2019 16:37:27
Hey chums,

Can anyone help me clear up a slight ambiguity on the Forestry Commission 
note on Chalara dieback of ash.

Under “Import and movement restrictions” it states; 

"A Plant Health Order prohibits all imports of ash seeds, plants and trees, 
and all internal movement of ash seeds, plants and trees.”

I understand the term “trees” refers to trees for replanting and NOT the 
movement of the lop & top and timber of infected trees from gardens by 
arborists to their tip sites for disposal by burning or chipping and the 
conversion of timber to firewood etc., but it’s not entirely clear.

Is this correct?  

Or is it expected that such material from felled trees must remain on site?

Kind regards,


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