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Re: Tree leaning

Subject: Re: Tree leaning
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Feb 05 2019 09:48:17

The most extraordinary thing about this is that the Comments that follow on from this bizarre non-news item item are actually rational and sensible.

On 05/02/2019 09:44, David Lloyd-Jones wrote:
It brings to mind the cult "B" movie, Dark Star.

"Unstable planet. - Arm yourself Bomb."

Goodness, a slight lean, woodlice falling out, shrivelling leaves in the most intense drought since 1976 and a ridiculously dangerous 4" diameter bark wound....

"     A report by a guy who cuts down and trims trees (  hopefully not in that order !  ), (told Mr Harding) "ideally that tree should come down". "

That's a Bomb, whose job is Bombing who when asked what he suggests is needed, advocates using a Bomb. Quelle surprise.

Hope the TO has his "Tug-O-War" heels on....

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I am interested in this and similar cases, but was spooked off the site by
its cookies-firewall.

Does anyone have any comments on this and/or alternate sources of


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