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Re: RE: RE: Old TPOs

Subject: Re: RE: RE: Old TPOs
From: Charles Bennett
Date: Feb 05 2019 18:29:32
Apologies for resurrecting this thread. But...

I am dealing with an appeal, as an LPA Tree Officer, and PIN's have said
that the Committee minute showing the Members had resolved to confirm the
TPO is not sufficient evidence that the Order was confirmed. Yes, I know
what you're going to say Mr Anderson but, in the past PIN's did accept such
Committee minutes as evidence of confirmation as Jim Highlights. What has
changed so that now they don't, or are at least being selective regards
which ones the Committee minutes are acceptable for, and which ones they


On Fri, 25 Jan 2019 at 16:20, Jim Quaife <> wrote:

Hmmm ... a good lawyer would tear that to shreds.
On two TPO appeals in the absence of confirmation the best the LPA could
do was to produce a minute of a planning meeting when the confirmation was
passed.  The powers that be at PINS said that was evidence enough and so
the appeal went ahead.  On the only occasion I can recall when there was no
evidence or record of confirmation the TPO was disallowed and the appeal


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