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Re: Old TPOs

Subject: Re: Old TPOs
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Feb 06 2019 13:28:20
The plot thickens...


So a council can't provide evidence of a TPO being confirmed.


Yet the council can show at least one, if not more, tree work applications
that were made and decided on the basis that there was/is a valid TPO.


I've had more than one case where a ropey TPO has been effectively in place
as shown by previous applications & decisions. Yet when confronted the TPO
has disappeared...well re-emerged as a new emergency TPO.



As for whether there is a TPO or not, and how to find out about it, here is
an issue: 


Dacorum Council (claiming they have a mere 3,171 TPOs, although I need to
confirm that (ha!ha!)) state that their old ones aren't registered as a land solicitors & conveyancing work around that I don't know.


& if you are interested but live in Derbyshire or Leicestershire
might know that they are the only two county councils who have TPOs in
addition to the overlapping shire counties. I started to wonder how many
trees I have got rid of without asking the county councils about their TPOs.
Best not to ask, I concluded!




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