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Re: Old TPOs

Subject: Re: Old TPOs
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Feb 07 2019 11:23:50
Ron -
If you go back to the original legislation you'll find it's not as simple as that - there is a very clear inference that if an order is not confirmed by the SoS (because of no objections) it must still be confirmed by the LPA.

It's a mess and the sooner all Orders predating 1990 are rescinded (and re-created as necessary) the better. In this case the mess resulted in the person involved being asked to pay £9000 in Council's costs - mainly because of the extensive work they and their lawyers had to do to try (and in my opinion fail) to clarify the confusion caused by the mess. So a private individual ends up paying for poor legislation.

On 07/02/2019 11:05, Howe, Ron wrote:
I agree, and what I always bear in mind is that we have TPO office files 
(which we have scanned and put online) however, all the original Orders 
should be held by the legal department buried deep along with terrier packs 
etc. with confirmations (as appropriate). With modern Orders our legal 
department only accept the original Order once it is confirmed. So, 
ultimately, the original Orders should be hived away with evidence of 
confirmation, or otherwise. Many old Orders were confirmed by default. Now, 
the modern confusion, led to the confirmation line being added to the TPO 
template. It is however MALADMINISTRATION on PINS behalf to refuse to accept 
that older Orders were confirmed in a different way and to invalidate them. 
PINS need to be mindful of what the courts consider correct. If you for 
example look at the attached 1980 TPO you can see the default situation. If 
anyone wants to challenge the default then they should provided evidence that 
the Order was opposed and revoked by the SoS ... including PINS.

So yes, you need to be able to defend your TPOs ... I hope this helps.

Ron Howe
Tree Officer (Planning)
Mole Valley District Council
Tel. 01306 XXX XXX

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I think Jon's quite right - a Committee resolution to confirm is just that - a 
resolution. There has to be subsequent action on the Council's part to give 
effect to that resolution (service of relevant notices, signing & sealing of 
confirmed order with/without modifications etc), the necessary actions being 
defined within whichever regulations were in force at the relevant time. If those 
actions weren't taken, then the Order wouldn't have been properly confirmed. If 
PINS is now taking a tougher line on this, so much the better in my view.

All the best

Mark M-P

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Looks like you need a lawyer that knows about legal process & procedure.

If I am not mistaken a committee meeting merely makes a decision (to 
confirm). The confirmation is a separate process - the TPO being a legal 
document - and the document itself needs to have something done to it, or 
attached to it, with the appropriate signatures, seals, stamps or whatever 
and of course a date..depending on the council's procedures at the 
time...which of course  you have at the tip of our tongue!

I am intrigued to know if your experience is a sign of things to come, or an 

As many councils have TPOs dating back to the 1940s, this may be a serious 


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