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Forestry Commission's website.

Subject: Forestry Commission's website.
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Feb 11 2019 15:45:17
Aspect Tree Consultancy is seeking an Arboricultural Consultant to join its
friendly team in South Devon. Primary duties include - undertaking tree
surveys and and producing reports for planning purposes in accordance with
BS5837; undertaking tree risk assessments; providing advice re. protected
tree legislation. For full details, please see our website or call Dominic Scanlon for an informal chat in the
first instance on 01364 XXXXXX

I dunno if anyone's been to what was formerly recently,
but it's moved. It's now in the's realm. I noticed this sometime
last year and thought little of it, presuming that all it would mean would
be some of my bookmarks wouldn't work.

However I've just been looking for that list of hosts and diseases (to post
a link to a client) and it's gone and flipping-well completely vanished!
Have I missed something or is it just the flipping Government attempting to
monetise what IMO was a valuable source of information? That we've probably
already paid for anyway.....

Or am I just being dim?


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