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Theres a strange man in the garden

Subject: Theres a strange man in the garden
From: oldoaktree
Date: Feb 15 2019 16:25:29
Aspect Tree Consultancy is seeking an Arboricultural Consultant to join its
friendly team in South Devon. Primary duties include - undertaking tree
surveys and and producing reports for planning purposes in accordance with
BS5837; undertaking tree risk assessments; providing advice re. protected
tree legislation. For full details, please see our website or call Dominic Scanlon for an informal chat in the
first instance on 01364 XXXXXX

I'm interested in standard procedure here.

I did some consultancy work for someone a while back and two days ago 
received a rather upset call from the client who's preschool son had come to 
her to tell her there was a man in the back garden.

There was a man in her back garden looking at trees with a clipboard, and she 
had half an idea on why they were there but did not want to confront them so 
quietly locked the doors and found something to do upstairs with the child 
until the strange man had gone. 

When she called me, she was WELL freaked out someone appeared in her rear 
garden going through a garden gate and did not either call ahead, knock on 
the door or leave a note to say they had been.

I've never really thought about it before but the code of practice attached 
to Section 48 of the protection of freedoms act (2012) which deals with right 
of entry makes it very clear that turning up without making attempts to 
contact the owner beforehand, make their presence known or leave details of 
the visit if no one there, is a no no.

However, I've never heard of anyone telling me that a tree officer has called 
ahead before they made their visit unless it was a multiple person meeting.

Is this a norm to turn up unannounced? Because I think it is quite a worry 
for some people and in some circumstances could be quite dangerous for a TO.



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