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Re: Netting over hedges

Subject: Re: Netting over hedges
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Mar 12 2019 11:25:46
I suppose as the offence is to "recklessly disturb" then taking some action
to show you've addressed the issue is prudent. But don't those Southern
Europeans use nets to catch small birds? (The uncivilised b*******s) And
having had to rescue small birds from the net covering an apricot tree I
must say I'm doubtful about the practice and the logic...
PS someone covered an entire flipping Deodar (15+ M tall) with net on a job
round the corner from me....

On Tue, 12 Mar 2019 at 11:15, Andrew Jones <>

Netting is generally a short term measure used in advance of hedgerow
removals planned within the nesting season - sometimes due to
pre-commencement conditions not having  been discharged (so hedgerow
removal cannot be undertaken as part of the commencement of an 'approved'
development)  or to avoid adverse impacts on other species
(dormouse/reptiles) that could be adversely impacted if hedgerows were
removed outside of the nesting season.

Sound ecological practice if hedgerows need to be removed  in the nesting
season and a developer wishes to avoid allegations of disturbing nesting
birds. Another alternative (where dormice are not involved) is coppicing
the hedgerows but this is more harmful visually.

It's usually a just a risk reduction strategy (no one claiming it to be
100% effective) and hedgerow removal would still be undertaken under
ecological supervision.

Just depends on the context and reasons for doing it.

The petitions may well be just to frustrate development and trying to
prevent reserved matters or discharge of condition applications being


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