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Homeowner ordered to pay £21,000 for 'butchering' tree

Subject: Homeowner ordered to pay £21,000 for 'butchering' tree
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Mar 23 2019 12:24:57


Re: The proceeds of crime


You may not be able to get this article if it’s behind a paywall but if you
google the subject line you will find plenty of other articles including the
Daily Mail that has inflated it to £40k. I find the comments below the
article most interesting as they divide between the job well done to
disbelief when comparing this fine to the normal fines and sentences handed


However, more interestingly for those trying to understand amenity tree


i)                    If the presence of trees can enhance property values
(several academic papers claiming this), and

ii)                   Your house can increase in value by cutting trees down
(this case) with enough certainty for the criminal court (beyond reasonable


Is the property market confused?




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