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More FC changes?

Subject: More FC changes?
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Apr 10 2019 09:47:20
I've already moaned about the changes to the website but in
looking for something I've now discovered I can buy a membership
to "Forestry England," which in principle is something I wouldn't mind
doing. I like the Forestry Commission and as Government departments/quangos
go, they seem a sight more useful than most, and considerably less
profligate as well.
However the membership schemes seem to be local and the website seems to be
hiding the prices, in the manner of lots of other dodgy internet scams. If
the membership was like my National Trust membership, (which I still pay
despite my misgivings about some of their antics) then I think I'd join,
but "local?"
Anybody got any thoughts on this scheme? Anybody joined? And is it new? I'm
perfectly capable of having missed it before now....

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