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RE: TPO review

Subject: RE: TPO review
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Apr 11 2019 12:23:13
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There is no doubt that budgets are under pressure at local authorities;
but that is different to not having the resources to invest.....

However, you know that some investment is just going to end up in
disaster; come to the socialist republic of Kent, run by "conservatives"
of course (I would bet if a donkey stood in the forthcoming local
election they would get elected provided they have a conservative
sticker, even under current BREXIT conditions) and they're buying failing
shopping centres all over the place. The private sector couldn't make
them work, but your local council can. Said shopping centre, once a
little empty, is now full of charity shops. All on borrowed money, but
the council doesn't have the resources to have any public toilets, clean
or clear any traffic signs and all sorts of other things that we might
expect them to do naturally.

It's all about priorities and the opportunity is to convince councillors
that trees are a priority....not THE priority but that they require an
adequate resource.

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