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The Disability Discrimination Act

Subject: The Disability Discrimination Act
From: Nick Hellis
Date: May 02 2019 10:03:31
 Good morning all,
The DisabilityDiscrimination Act (DDA) gives disabled people important rights 
of access toeveryday services.
Everydayservices include services provided by local councils, doctors' 
surgeries,hotels, banks, pubs, theatres, hairdressers, places of worship, 
courts andvoluntary groups such as play groups. 

Access to services is not just about installing ramps and widening doorways 
forwheelchair users - it is about making services easier to use for all 
disabledpeople, including people who are blind, deaf or have a learning 
Do the requirements to provide access under the DDA trump the protected 
status of trees in Conservation Areas or those subject to a TPO? In other 
words, can a local authority refuse an application to install a ramp because 
it requires the removal of a protected tree?

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