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Re: Highway Authority Tree Risk Management

Subject: Re: Highway Authority Tree Risk Management
From: Jerry Ross
Date: May 13 2019 15:34:09
Look, this interchange has become more personal than informative.
As a moderator, can I request that either it either ends or else continues off-forum.

On 13/05/2019 16:19, David Evans wrote:
<<How repulsive! Inviting UKTCers to private libel?>>

Hi Julian

Oh, pur-lease.  On Friday morning I read your previous afternoon posts about 
VALID, where you were still bad-mouthing it.  I concluded you might be doing 
some reputational damage because there were even more errors of fact to add 
to the previous ones.  There's been so many of these errors of fact about 
VALID that I suspect you've got ulterior motives and were trolling.  That's 
why earlier I bailed on engaging with you any further on the subject.  
Because you've just kept on and on, and as I had no interest in 'feeding 
you', I thought it sensible to invite those that were still hanging in there 
to contact me off-forum if they were interested in some balance, and seeing 
your errors of fact being addressed.  I'm sure they're more than capable of 
making up their own minds.

<<for the record I have no vested interest in the failure or success of 

Really?  It's often the case that people only tend to make these kind of declarations 
they've got something to hide.  Given you joined QTRA just as I was moving on, and are 
now championing it, perhaps you gave the game away about your vested interest when you 
referred to VALID as "QTRA-lite".  A putdown that you've lifted from the QTRA 
Users' Discussion List, in a thread you were party to where I was also referred to as 
'the defector'.  Along with a call for it remain 'the leading system' in light of what 
I'm doing with VALID.

<<I care about this industry and I have a right to express concerns that the 
extravagent unilateral claims you are making about risk management could bring it in to 
disrepute and/or cause someoen to be harmed needlessly.>>

Ah, perhaps that’s where we differ.  I don't care about this industry or risk 
management, which is why I hope to bring it into disrepute by making extravagant 
unilateral claims.  Even better if I can cause someone to be needlessly harmed.  
It's what I've dedicated the last few of years of my life working towards, and why 
I'm setting up a non-profit in the hope that this evil plan comes to fruition.  Did 
you see what I did there?

I'm more than happy to answer questions about VALID.  I'm not happy wasting 
time unpacking this kind of woolly-minded carping and exposing it for the 
ill-thought out nonsense it is.  Unfortunately, it looks like you might have 
an inexhaustible supply of it.  I'm sure most people can see through your 
efforts to kick VALID with this kind of weak rhetoric.  If they think you 
might have stumbled across a point that concerns them then, as I said, they 
can contact me directly and then make up their own mind.  What I'm not 
interested in is trying to save you from your vested interest and getting 
drawn into your mud-slinging agenda in every post.


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