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RE: Ecoplug

Subject: RE: Ecoplug
From: Jon Heuch
Date: May 14 2019 12:00:31
Reading thru' the product label & safety sheet, the one thing it fails to
mention is the material that it comes in - are they not plastic
"bullets"..and what happens to those plastic bullets once the chemical has
been released & the stump decayed? 


On  a similar vein I, as I am sure we all do, see all those lovely planted
trees with plastic protection around them...the stakes may or may not get
taken away but the plastic protection remains for years, sometimes almost
too brittle to remove. We took a whole lot of plastic shelters off an area
planted, piled them up and then realised we had no-where to dispose of
them..very bulky...


Are we not just littering the environment on the grounds that we are
managing trees, so our actions must be green?





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