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Rapid die-back in Scots Pine

Subject: Rapid die-back in Scots Pine
From: Robert Yates
Date: Jun 04 2019 16:06:49

Does anyone know of, or had experience of rapid decline and death in Scots
Pine. I've looked at a fairly young woodland today in Bedfordshire that is a
mixture of native broadleaves & Pine.only the Scots Pine are affected, and
there are about 30 years old. They are dying off within one or two seasons,
but without really any foliar symptoms; they are just going from relatively
healthy to almost completely defoliated within a season, and many are
failing near to ground level.on examining the wood of recently
deceased/fallen trees, it appears exceptionally dry and is riddled with
insect holes.


Apologies if I've missed some previous thread on this topic.



Robert C Yates

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