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Re: Chainsaw sharpener

Subject: Re: Chainsaw sharpener
From: Simon Pryce Arboriculture
Date: Jun 08 2019 10:30:19
I've heard of those systems but I don't see how you can sharpen a saw by grinding the top while its running.  Saw teeth need to be higher at the front than the back, so there is clearance behind the cutting edge, if you look at a chainsaw tooth sideways on its a noticeable angle and is why you need to reduce the height of the guides periodically. And it will take off the chrome layer that makes it sharp.  I've run chainsaws into stone, bricks, concrete and all sorts of other things, that never made them cut better.

Circular saws are a bit different.  If they go out of round after a time, usually due to bad sharpening, they can be trued by taking the points of the teeth down with a stone while the saw's running.  However that only brings the the teeth to the same height, it is then essential to file the tops down at the original angle to restore the point and clearance.  That's simpler than I've made it sound.


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