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Re: Chainsaw sharpener

Subject: Re: Chainsaw sharpener
From: ajheggie
Date: Jun 08 2019 21:49:54
On Sat, 8 Jun 2019 11:29:57 +0100, you wrote:

I don't see how you can sharpen a saw by 
grinding the top while its running.  Saw teeth need to be higher at the 
front than the back, so there is clearance behind the cutting edge,

They were scratcher teeth, like on a handsaw rather than little gouges
like on chipper or chisel chainsaw teeth. So they are sharpened on the
top face and only  as they pass the radius of a sprocket. This gives
some relief behind the cutting edge and the rest is achieved by the
slight play in the chain as they engage the wood. They are slower as
they produce dust rather than chips.

In the seventies you could buy  McCulloch saws that used this chain
and it had a stone mounted behind the clutch which could be screwed
down to lightly touch the chain. I only ever saw them at demos and
never tried one.

I don't know if the modern offerings are the same.


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