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Sycamores Ring-barked

Subject: Sycamores Ring-barked
From: David Evans
Date: Jun 10 2019 11:21:49
Thought this might be of interest.


It reminded me of the time I bridge-grafted three trees in a row that had
been similarly ring-barked with a carpentry saw at the old marine barracks
in Eastney, Portsmouth.  Because the barracks had been converted into
apartments, it wasn't as totally obvious (as it is in this case) who'd done
it to gain the sea views.  Though if IIRC it was only three apartments that
would benefit.  However, there was quite a community there and many of them
were furious about the damage.  'Wanted - Tree Killer' posters were being
put up by kids.  As one of the trees was a big mature Holm Oak, along with
two early mature Limes, you didn't need a deerstalker and calabash pipe to
work out whoever did it likely had a red and blistered hand.  Or had an arm
like a Fiddler Crab.  I always wondered what the fallout was amongst the
shortlist of suspects.




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