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Re: Sycamores Ring-barked

Subject: Re: Sycamores Ring-barked
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jun 10 2019 13:16:42
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I wouldn't give up on these trees because of the "ring-barking".


Having tried to do exactly the same with other sycamore - legally, with the
owner's permission but on behalf of a neighbour - it took three visits over
three years with increasingly deeper cuts with a chainsaw before my sycamore
started to show any signs of damage in terms of foliage..and the process was
only stopped after the new owner decided to remove the trees completely.
Trees were well and truly still alive at the time of felling. Experiment
finished but I learnt a lesson that these damn trees just don't read the
text books, nor listen to social media. I'm guessing cuts need to go as far
as the nonconducting heartwood of a diffuse porous tree to kill it.


In commercial terms where ring barking was undertaken to kill trees en masse
it was often assisted with a good dose of 2,4D or equivalent.




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