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Subject: Re: FSC
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jun 12 2019 09:59:25
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Since FSC was set up with Tim Synott et al in Mexico it has been a force for
good and brought parties to the table. For those of you who remember there
was one UK prominent forester who made a comparison with Nazis...he didn't
last long...but the trouble is the bad guys just ignore it. If you see a bag
of photocopier paper with no FSC or PESC label on it, it will probably be
the cheapest on offer. Why? Cos is's probably come from APRIL or APP in


Having gained the land they need for their pulp plantations they are now
talking the talk, walking the walk of sustainability as there are no signs
of the large areas of rainforest that have disappeared in the process. As
for the peat underneath it, it  has literally gone up in smoke over the last
20-30 years. Orang Utans..pah!


So please use FSC and PESC labelled paper and ignore the uncertified
stuff..but they don't need your "charity" donations. 


I am afraid there are too many charities and others that want your money to
"plant trees". Most fail to deliver us they underestimate the problems
involved. My experience in Kenya (and other countries) is that providing
trees for free undermines local efforts to produce tree seedlings on a
sustainable basis (i.e. charging is necessary as seed, soil, labour &
materials don't come for free). Strangely (for some people) charging for
them is better than providing them for free!






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