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Subject: Re: FSC
From: Tahir Sharif
Date: Jun 17 2019 10:41:21
Thanks Simon

Been to a few MSF events,the work they do is awesome. I was at the Brussels distribution centre when they were preparing two 747s worth of equipment to go to Mozambique after the cyclone.


On 12/06/2019 23:38, Simon Pryce Arboriculture wrote:
VALID Tree Risk Training | Book UK Dates Now |

The first complete tree risk-benefit assessment and management system

Want to have a play on the App first? email and
let us know whether you use iOS or Android

Some Amazonian tribes have formed their own groups to enforce the legislation on the ground, which is where it needs doing.

Couple of links below, but nothing on support.

(Good to find another MSF supporter)


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