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Subject: OPM - news UPDATE & URGENT
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jul 05 2019 09:56:10
& if you thought matters could not get any worse...


Further to my email 28th June:


It is expected that OP MOTHS will emerge and fly away late July (26th July
was mentioned...but I assume that is a best guess). The recent reported
findings on new plantings from imported Dutch trees is potentially far worse
as those plantings are potentially in multiple locations - Warwickshire,
Manchester, Wiltshire...there are a lot more that need to be checked and
there is no certainty that all imports are known about.


So, especially if you are of a tweeting or other social media variety,
please tell all you know that may have planted oaks with a girth 8 cm or
greater to go and check them for OPM. If it is known the trees came from
Holland then especially so. We have about 2 weeks to prevent OPM from being
all over the country. Yes, some will have tweaked that the hope of
restricting its spread is not exactly great but if OPM is everywhere tree
surgery on oaks will become a predictable pain..


If you find OPM especially on young newly planted trees where it may not
have spread elsewhere the Forestry Commission want to know immediately. The
OPM & the trees will need to be destroyed so careful diplomacy is needed
with those that might not want that.. 


Jon Heuch  


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