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Re: OPM Again ... in the Independent newspaper

Subject: Re: OPM Again ... in the Independent newspaper
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Jul 09 2019 09:18:38

On 09/07/2019 09:42, Howe, Ron wrote:
In doing our publicity alert last week we (Sean Harrison and I) were 
criticised for being alarmist because, 'they' have been dealing with OPM in 
Europe for years. Well, I see there was a report in the Independent on 
Sunday, that Germany and Holland have declared a crisis because the pest has 
expanded so much in the last year that they have had to close schools and 
public areas until their Fire Services could clear the nests etc.

Can anybody confirm or elaborate on this?

Ron Howe
Tree Officer (Planning)
Mole Valley District Council
Tel. 01306 XXX XXX

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