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Robinia roots

Subject: Robinia roots
From: John Hearne
Date: Jul 12 2019 11:52:22
Esteemed collective,

I've had to look at a Robinia that is disrupting some brick pavioured
surfacing causing a trip hazard. The pattern of disruption showed two roots
were causing minor lifting of bricks over lengths of about 4-5m.

But there were occasional bricks lifted significantly higher and upon
removing these bricks there was, in each case, the underlying circa 3cm
diameter root with a circa 5cm diameter swelling on top - for all the world
reminiscent of an emerging pneumatophore.

I would expect, if anything, maybe flattening in regions of contact with
the paving. But waht are these structures? Sucker initials? ENORMOUS
N-fixing nodules?

I am going to suggest chiselling them off to bet the bricks back flat - but
thought I ought to know what they were?

Help appreciated.



Hearne Arboriculture

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