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Re: Robinia roots

Subject: Re: Robinia roots
From: elsteadbysea
Date: Jul 12 2019 21:20:05
I have seen this few times with Ailanthus and Robinia on paving and 
lawns.Chisling or pruning roots or anything treatment will be temporary 
solution.Only solution in my opinion is to remove tree and replant a 
different species.Kind regardsPhillip Ellis Sent from Samsung tablet.
-------- Original message --------From: John Hearne <> 
Date: 12/07/2019  12:51  (GMT+00:00) To: UK Tree Care 
<> Subject: Robinia roots Esteemed collective,I've 
had to look at a Robinia that is disrupting some brick paviouredsurfacing 
causing a trip hazard. The pattern of disruption showed two rootswere causing 
minor lifting of bricks over lengths of about 4-5m.But there were occasional 
bricks lifted significantly higher and uponremoving these bricks there was, 
in each case, the underlying circa 3cmdiameter root with a circa 5cm diameter 
swelling on top - for all the worldreminiscent of an emerging pneumatophore.I 
would expect, if anything, maybe flattening in regions of contact withthe 
paving. But waht are these structures? Sucker initials? ENORMOUSN-fixing 
nodules?I am going to suggest chiselling them off to bet the bricks back flat 
- butthought I ought to know what they were?Help appreciated.John-- Hearne The UK Tree Care mailing listTo 
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